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A Smile in my Heart

August 24th, 2010

I didn’t want to go out today. In fact, I was feeling so uninspired this morning that I didn’t even want to get out of my jammies. From time to time, my children and I like to have a “jamama day” and luckily for me, today was a day where they seemed pretty amenable to this idea.

In our house, jamama day is a day to sit and do nothing except rent movies, eat popcorn and hang out. Game playing, poking through old photo albums and laughing all day are also high on the list. It feels really nice to have a day like that once in a while — a self made opportunity to unplug from the world. Aaaah, breathe!

My kids spent their morning flopping around, moving between watching tv and giving the dogs a bath. I spent my time listening to a great snip-it from David and Kristin Morelli on creating abundance. It was a download I had from one of their Everything is Energy Radio shows. I have to admit, that when I started listening to it this morning, my feelings about abundance were a bit lackluster. It was just the place I was in. But as I listened, some of their words began to click. They were talking about being present, being open and being ready to receive. Hmmmm. That seemed like the exact opposite of what I was feeling this morning.

I listened to the show intently as David and Kristin ran through an abundance exercise. I was particular intrigued with the idea of being open to receive. Was I? Wasn’t I? I wasn’t quite sure. I have a pretty great life, but would be the first to admit that there are moments when I feel like abundance alludes me. As the show wrapped up, I reviewed my notes, fascinated by what I had written, but still feeling less than inspired about the day.

As noon time rolled around, I realized if I were going to come up with anything even remotely impressive for dinner, a quick trip to the farm stand was going to be required. Now, although I am fairly certain that no one around here would have noticed or cared if I went out in my jammies, I just could bring myself to do it. So I threw on some bluejeans, a clean shirt and a pair of flip-flops and headed out. There is little by way of industry in my tiny town and often obtaining the supplies required to sustain ourselves necessitates a trip to the next town over. We do however have a farm stand and since fruit and veggies were all I needed for tonight, it would suffice.

I headed out to our local farm stand. It is a happy place—I love it there. I love to watch them grow and flourish every year – despite the economy, despite the fact local farms are failing right and left. But not here! Here, they have adapted. They are a landmark in our town. I love going to see what is new. I love chatting with the owners and discovering the new gems they have cultivated. Everyone always has a smile, and even with the rain, today was no different. I was greeted with a huge hello! I spent some time wandering through the rows and rows of garden plantings, chatting with a handful of other folks who had ignored the rain and come out anyway. As I admired and walked, I could overhear employees of the farm stand warmly welcoming everyone. I watched as others – mostly locals from other family run businesses in town – drive by, honking and waving as they did. Some popping in to say hello, others just shouting out a happy salutation as they passed. It was uplifting to see the camaraderie.

On the drive home, it occurred to me that the heaviness that had adorned me most of the day was beginning to lift. I could feel a smile beginning to form as I reflected on the happy moment I had just been witness to. For some reason the sound of honking horns and friendly hello’s really filled my heart with joy. It made me feel like I was a part of something bigger. My heart began to sing and dance at the thought of being able to find so much happiness in such a simple moment. As I drove on, I reflected further on David and Kristin Morelli’s words about being present, being open and being ready to receive—and it occurred to me that at that very moment, abundance was exactly what I was feeling. I gave thanks the entire ride home as my heart smiled and I embraced the feeling of being present and being open to abundance, for surely this feeling was exactly what they were speaking of — and hopefully only the beginning of so much more!

Be well. Be open. My love,


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