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The Law of Attraction – unveiled

September 25th, 2010

Over the past few  years there has been so much hype (and frustration) surrounding the Law of Attraction. But to my way of thinking, it is not so much a “law” as it is a way of being. It is a healthy approach to getting out of your own way so you don’t get tangled up in the things that really aren’t important and you give yourself the freedom to head towards what is.

Let me explain.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful servants or your masters, which ever you allow them to be. In any given situation, you have the control, and you can make your choice. Now I will be the first to admit that it doesn’t always feel like this is true. None of us is perfect and we all have our “moments”. For example, you may be experiencing a day when there is a lot going on, you are running in 10 different directions, racing to make a deadline and the stress seems to be mounting with every minute that passes. Then, out of the blue, someone interrupts your “flow” by asking you to help them or to answer a question. You snap, and they get an earful.

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The 30 Day Challenge

September 21st, 2010

I have a new morning routine that I am just loving. After I get my son out the door to school, I make a cup of chai, grab my ipod, curl into my favorite chair in my office, face the sunshine and meditate for about 20 minutes. No huge epiphanies yet, but it has been a terrific way to center myself and start off my day.

I love it, and I feel like it is really beginning to make a difference. In any case. As I was poking around my computer and trying to organize my itunes, I came across this mp3 called The Strangest Secret. I had never noticed it before and was curious. After listening to it, I found out that it had come from Mark Victor Hansen. It was a recording of a speech that Earl Nightingale had given to his sales team. Talk about inspiring. It was awesome, and ended with some suggestions as well as a 30 day challenge that I am planning to incorporate into my morning routine.

The challenge in The Strangest Secret includes writing down your goals on note cards and viewing them everyday. (Think of it as just a different take on the manifestation experiments I was doing around this time last year.) It occurred to me that the perfect time to do this would be just after I finish my meditation and right before I swing into full gear for the day. That should be the perfect, calm time to review them, set about some action steps and get my day rolling. So, here are my goals for my 30 day challenge and will keep you posted with results:

The Strangest Secret – 30 Day Challenge Goals:
• I am making an additional $6,000 in income every month

• My family and I enjoy a peaceful, loving environment that is nurturing and abundant
• I am meeting new people weekly who help me redefine myself, understand the laws of the universe and achieve my personal and financial goals.
• My son and daughter have lovely, finished, organized bedrooms that give them a fun and relaxing places to enjoy themselves and hang with their friends.
• I have paid off another $3,000 of debt.
• I have lost 8 lbs of fat and it is gone for good!

Ho’Oponopono Prayer
I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you!!!

With excitement and anticipation,

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A Smile in my Heart

August 24th, 2010

I didn’t want to go out today. In fact, I was feeling so uninspired this morning that I didn’t even want to get out of my jammies. From time to time, my children and I like to have a “jamama day” and luckily for me, today was a day where they seemed pretty amenable to this idea.

In our house, jamama day is a day to sit and do nothing except rent movies, eat popcorn and hang out. Game playing, poking through old photo albums and laughing all day are also high on the list. It feels really nice to have a day like that once in a while — a self made opportunity to unplug from the world. Aaaah, breathe!

My kids spent their morning flopping around, moving between watching tv and giving the dogs a bath. I spent my time listening to a great snip-it from David and Kristin Morelli on creating abundance. It was a download I had from one of their Everything is Energy Radio shows. I have to admit, that when I started listening to it this morning, my feelings about abundance were a bit lackluster. It was just the place I was in. But as I listened, some of their words began to click. They were talking about being present, being open and being ready to receive. Hmmmm. That seemed like the exact opposite of what I was feeling this morning.

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Choose Happiness

August 17th, 2010

🙂 Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health! Being happy actually protects you from the stresses of life. Unfortunately, the news is constantly reminding us that stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. (Feeling happy yet?!!?!)

Let’s do a quick reframe! There is good news! Happiness is a choice! As human beings it is important to realize that we have the power to choose happiness! Even if we find ourselves in an unbearable situation, solace can be found in the knowledge that there is a choice as to how we perceive it. That is not to say the situation still isn’t a bad one, just that there is a choice you can make over how it will impact you. And that is great news!

Happiness can be found in everyone, so doesn’t finding a way to amplify that make sense?

To be happy is relatively easy, just decide to be a happy person. Most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, or how bright or dull their outlook will be, so the choice is simple really—choose to be happy. Not so simple you say? I assure you, it can be with just a little practice! To get you started, I have listed a few easy ways to do just that! 🙂

Being grateful is a great attitude. ♥ We have so much to be thankful for. Thank the taxi driver for bringing you home safely, thank the mailman for bringing you your mail, or thank your friend for listening. I like to find ways throughout the day to thank my children. This not only helps me connect with them in a positive way, but it increases their self esteem and outlook. So it is a real win/win. In fact just today, I noticed my daughter practicing this very same technique on me and let me tell you something, you couldn’t have knocked the smile out of my heart if you tried!! Read more…

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The Plan to Manifest $5,000 worked!!

October 18th, 2009

OMG I can’t believe it myself!!
Today I woke up (thankfully) in a much better mood then I had been in previously. I took a long hot bath last night and thought about the day I had had. (Needless to say, it was kind of crummy, but we don’t need to get into details.) Then as I went to bed, I made a conscious decision to have a better day today. That seemed to work (for the most part) although admittedly I hit the off button on my alarm this morning instead of the snooze button and ended up missing the school bus which meant I had to drive an hour round trip to get my son off to school. Aarrgh! I made the best of it though and listened to some positive affirmations on my way. (That was bonus time and I wouldn’t have had to do that otherwise.)

After getting dressed (yes, I did drive my son to school in my pj’s) and getting my daughter out the door to school, I headed off to the gym. Had a good work out, and took some time to practice the deep breathing exercises I began using earlier in the week. It really is a great way to refocus. Read more…

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Live with an Attitude of Gratitude!

October 16th, 2009
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I haven’t have a moment to write recently, but some really neat things have been happening! I have been practicing living with an attitude of gratitude and I highly recommend it! It seems to smooth out so much of the day and make things flow so much better.

Today was a little more low key than the days I have been all week, but it proved to be an important day as far as working on eliminating the negative messages that my subconscious mind was happily delivering to me. All week, I have been paying attention to my thoughts. It seems there is a pretty constant flow of “smack” talk (as my kids would say) that flows through my mind—but I have made an effort to check in with my self and listen to those thoughts, then work toward replacing the negative with more positive and empowering messages. (It was a tad exhausting trying to keep up.) I also worked on moving forward despite the fact that there were moments where all I wanted to do was pull the covers up over my head and hide from the world. I did however manage to persevere and wah-lah, more coolness came from the day than not!! Read more…

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Manifestation Experiment Update

October 6th, 2009

Here is the latest update to my manifestation experiment:

Ha! This is funny. I just went out to pick up the mail and in it was:
$33.00 in Members rewards to Staples (that’s cash)
$20.00 in Style Rewards for Ann Taylor loft (that’s cash), plus a coupon to save 20% off.
$60.00 in Gift Cards to Old Navy (admittedly, I knew about this because I had cashed in some reward points last week)

Usually I just have bills in the mail, so this was a VERY pleasant surprise!! The $60, as I said, I knew about, but $53 was a complete surprise! And all perfect because I was in need of a few office supplies from Staples and I had my eye on a really great shirt at Ann Taylor which will now also hopefully be on sale.

Too Cool! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

In Love and Gratitude!


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Day Two Observations – taking action

September 30th, 2009

I awoke today with anticipation and enthusiasm. Over coffee and breakfast with a friend of mine, I firmly announced, “I have requested that the universe give me $5,000 dollars this week.” (My friend retired at 38 with the millions that he made during the dot.com phase, so I figured he was just as good a person as any to announce my intentions to.) He smiled and nodded and said, “Really. How is that going?” “Very well!” I replied with a wink.”
After breakfast I moved on to the gym. It is hard to quiet my mind there, so I always try to use it as a positive time for stating affirmations and reviewing thoughts of manifestation. That went really well! And I added to my daily list a new visualization that had to do with deep breathing and it’s association to burning calories. Because who doesn’t want to find a new way to burn extra calories and loose weight. I loved it! And because the deep breathing while I was stretching really gave me some quiet time and helped me to relax on top of it all, it was a real win-win!! Read more…

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My Manifestation Experiement

September 29th, 2009

I can’t believe that I am doing this, but today I begin my very first blog. Throughout my life I have kept journals on and off, and now, as I open this new chapter in my life, I have decided to create an online journal for myself (and my children) – chronicling my experiments in manifestation with the universe. Today is day one and this request is just the beginning:

September 29, 2009
Dear God, Universe, Super-Conscious, Spirit:
I think that it would be an absolute hoot to manifest $5,000 or more (IN CASH) in new, unexpected income for myself and my children by the end of this week. Please guide me and direct me to find the means to this end. I realize that I have nothing to loose and everything to gain and because of this I willingly, openly and lovingly surrender my body, mind and spirit over to your knowing ways! I warmly welcome your guidance and love into my life and look forward to our ever evolving friendship!

“It is done. It is healed. It is accomplished now! Thank you Spirit for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full measure of my creation! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I love you and praise (God) from whom all blessing flow.”1


1. These two lines I borrowed from a powerful healing script created by Karol Truman. (Karol@healingfeelings.com). The first place I ever read them was in a book by Joe Vitale called “The Attractor Factor”. Both wonderful resources

2. The inspiration for this blog came from a plethora of sources, but the tipping point came from a wonderful book I am currently reading by Sasha Xarrian called “Outrageous Mastery”.

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