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Coaching & Classes

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Coaching works!

Top athletes have coaches. Top executives often do too. But why, why when they are already at the top of their game? The reason is simple. They understand that coaches help you grow.

And there is always room for growth. Coaches bring to the table perspective, they challenge you to reach further and try harder than you might alone. They ask questions that prompt you to think about your life differently—you know the ones—the kind you run away from or avoid whenever they pop up on your radar screen. Coaching is a great resource and one that can expand your world in whole new directions so that you can experience the life you have always dreamed of!

Whether you are looking to experience financial freedom, find a new and fulfilling relationship, lose weight, discover the joy of “working” at the job of your dreams, or just want to have more happiness, peace of mind and passion, a life coach may be the answer you have been looking for.

Elan Health and Wellness offers coaching in the following areas: Life Purpose, Weight Loss and Transformation. Individual as well as small or large group coaching is available. If you would like more information about these services, please feel free to call 978-887-8069 or send me an email to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation today! You will be glad that you did!



Laugh Outloud Yoga – Group laughter yoga classes. Meets weekly, see calendar for dates and times.

Laugh Yourself Lean – Losing weight has never been this much fun! Small group classes and one-on-one coaching in an atmosphere that is engaging, informative and joyful. Meets weekly, calendar for dates and times.

A Joy-Filled Life Club – Using “A Juicy, Joyful Life” as our guide, we walk through the transitions and changes others have made to get to the place of living a life filled with laughter, joy and abundance. Meets 2x per month, see calendar for dates and times.

FREE! Laughter Yoga Club – Come join us for FREE and find out what Laughter Yoga is all about. Meets 1x per month, see calendar for dates and times.


Client Testimonials

“For the first time in my life, I feel like a sophisticated professional and I owe you so much for helping me realize that it’s time for me to demonstrate that to myself. You have helped me wake up to a part of me that I should have embraced a long time ago. I am finally celebrating me and will continue to grow into the person I have always dreamed of being. Thank you!”

~Scott A., Pepperell, MA

“I have worked several times with Kristen via phone and participated in her Saturday Mastermind Calls. She is expression in action, and wise beyond her years. She has a great compassion for people and her energy, professionalism and commitment to personal growth with have you moving mountains in no time!”

~Adrienne M., Marietta, GA