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The Undercover Secret to a Life of Mastery by Sasha Xarrian

Tapping for Outrageous Goals with Margaret Lynch


Informative Newsletters

Attracting Abundance with Dr. Carol Look
Break through barriers with success and abundance coach Dr. Carol Look. Her no nonsense approach to teaching clients how to attract abundance into their lives by using Energy/Meridian Tapping and the Law of Attraction is nothing short of inpiring. Learn how to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness” in amazing new ways!!

EnergyMan Moments with Dr. Sue Morter
Dr. Sue speaks on the topics of Natural Healing and Human Potential to all those interested in waking up to a more empowered version of who and what they are and what they can become. Sign up for FREE talks and a weekly newsletter all designed to help inspire.



Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean
This is one of my favorite FREE resources! A 12 week program absolutely jam packed with amazing speakers—many found  on the New York Times best sellers list. Jennifer McLean, the shows host, does an amazing job interviewing industry leaders in self healing, abundance and law of attraction such as Guy Finley, Mary A. Hall, David Morelli, Carol Look, Gary Zukav and Neale Donald Walsch. September 7th is the beginning of season 6 for Healing with the Masters and it is a definite DO NOT MISS!! This show will change your life!


Talk Radio

Everything is Energy Radio with David & Kristin Morelli
David and Kristen Morelli will help you make dramatic shifts into a life full of abundance, ease and enjoyment! Dedicated to shining the light of truth into your life, they graciously show you how to tap into the infinite sources of energy within your heart, mind, body and soul with love and laughter. So amazing!

Tap Talk Radio with Dr. Carol Look and Rick Wilkes
Immerse yourself in EFT/MTT with this awe inspiring radio show. Available in downloadable mp3’s so you can tap along day or night with Carol and Rick.


MP3’s and CD’s

Life of Learning Foundation with Guy Finley
FREE self-improvement starter kit. Includes 6 mp3 downloads that coach and guide you through living a life that is fearless and free. A simply amazing collection and a must have for every self-improvement library!


Energy Tools

Diamond Alignment with Jacqueline Joy
Diamond Alignment facilitates the connection and alignment with your higher consciousness. This powerful tool takes just 6 minutes a day (2 times a day is optimal) to help you connect and align with your higher self and will accelerate the breakthrough that we all have been calling for…by activating the vibration of Diamond Consciousness and joy.