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Healthy Body

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Our natural nutritional supplements and products will get you there!

• Do vitamin and health stores feel overwhelming?
• Does finding the right solution to your health questions seem impossible?

• Are you interested in using all natural nutritional supplements?

• Do you want someone on your side to help you find the right products and solutions to fit
. YOUR needs and fit your budget?

Then look no further! Elan Health & Wellness is proud to be an independent distributor for Shaklee – the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the world. Shaklee’s commitment to purity of product, effectiveness and concern for the environment were key components in our decision to partner with them. And we offer a FREE Wellness Consultation during which time we will be happy to answer your questions and help find the right nutritional products for you. .

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Healthy Nutrition
Vitamins, Protein and
Health & Wellness

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Healthy Weight
Cinch Weight Loss and
Maintence Programs

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Healthy Aging
A revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging.

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Healthy Beauty
Enfuselle cleansers, moisturizers, toners and
anti-aging skin care products.

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Healthy Baby
Gentle care & vitamins
for Baby

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Healthy Kids
Vitamins & proteins to help keep kids of any age strong and healthy

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Healthy Home
Organic, all natural, cleaning products for your kitchen, home,
and laundry

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Healthy Water
Healthy, pure, great tasting water – replaceable carbon block filtration systems.

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Healthy Proteins
Energizing Soy or whey
proteins mixes – low-fat, non-GMO, biologically complete protein.


Elan Health Store

For more information about Shaklee and a more complete list of all the exciting products they have available in Nutrition, Personal Care, and Weight Management, check out the ElanHealthStore.com. You will be so glad you did!


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Healthy Weight


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