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Dream It. Live It!

A Blueprint for defining purpose and living the life of your dreams

This dynamic book and workbook combination has the power to dramatically change your life. A brief yet moving story of one
women’s struggle to find herself again gently guides you to take your own inspired action and discover your true path. The
workbook includes 3 empowering tools to help you create your own mission statement, personal power statement and the goals
you need to set to begin living the life of your dreams. This is an absolute must read for anyone wondering what is next for them
on the road of life. It will show you how to take charge of that direction and focus your energy into living the life you have
always wanted.

What we love about this book:

Dream It. Live It! is upbeat and inspiring. The thought provoking tools really challenged us to look deeper into who we are—
at our core, and the workbook makes a great companion to the book. It breaks down the process of  creating your own mission
statement into easy, fun steps. The lighthearted tempo keeps you moving forward, engaging you in the process all the while giving
you tips and techniques that you can employ every day to help create your life on your terms!

A great resource for people of all ages, proving that it is never to late to start again!!