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The Plan to Manifest $5,000 worked!!

October 18th, 2009

OMG I can’t believe it myself!!
Today I woke up (thankfully) in a much better mood then I had been in previously. I took a long hot bath last night and thought about the day I had had. (Needless to say, it was kind of crummy, but we don’t need to get into details.) Then as I went to bed, I made a conscious decision to have a better day today. That seemed to work (for the most part) although admittedly I hit the off button on my alarm this morning instead of the snooze button and ended up missing the school bus which meant I had to drive an hour round trip to get my son off to school. Aarrgh! I made the best of it though and listened to some positive affirmations on my way. (That was bonus time and I wouldn’t have had to do that otherwise.)

After getting dressed (yes, I did drive my son to school in my pj’s) and getting my daughter out the door to school, I headed off to the gym. Had a good work out, and took some time to practice the deep breathing exercises I began using earlier in the week. It really is a great way to refocus.

I zipped back home after the gym to take a quick shower and change in time for a meeting with one of my favorite clients, Steve. The man is always happy and positive and you’ve got to love that! Plus he was taking me to a really great restaurant for lunch to discuss upcoming projects, so it was a win!! During lunch we talked about a lot of stuff. I mentioned to him my plan to manifest $5,000.- (you never know who is going to be able to help you get there) and we joked about that for a while. The joking is all fine, but it is difficult to not have anyone believe in you when you mention things like that. (I have gotten really good a deflecting comments and brushing them off! Whatever. I’ll get there, and when I do, they will all be asking me what I did! 🙂 ).

As we headed out to our cars, I stopped by Steve’s car to take a look at the new winter sleds we had worked on over the summer (retail is a crazy business, you area always working in the opposite seasons.) Anyway, WOW!! So cool. The new sleds had just come in from China, along with the packaging, and I can’t tell you what a rush it is to see your designs live, 3-D, actually printed, touchable, holdable. WOW! The packaging looked great and is going to absolutely dance on the store shelves, and the sleds, well, they just came out awesome! (Visit MutualSales.com and search Arctic Gear).

What a fantastic day. I was flying!! So exciting! I’ve had a pair of earrings on eBay (see SoBeaded.com or bluerskies06 on eBay) that someone is bidding on, a ton of new products and packaging to design (summer stuff) for Steve and my first look at the new sleds I designed. It is hard to believe that the day could get any better…. BUT, IT DID!!

When I returned home, I had just enough time to grab the mail, check my status on eBay and zip off a couple quick emails. Strike that, I had enough time to make a phone call to my best friend Sue as well. I couldn’t not make the call. I know she thinks I am an absolute nut sometimes, but she has always been a big fan and supporter!! (And secretly, I know that she employs a lot of the strategies I tell her about in the secret of her own home!) Anyway, I had to call her because she knew of my plan to manifest $5,000.- this week and I absolutely had to share what I found in the mail today. I can’t believe it myself. Here’s the list:

• $10 Old Navy Gift Card
• $50 Target Gift Card
• $25 AMC Theatre Gift Card
• $65 Discover Gift Card
• $4,125.25 Credit to my sons school account

I am absolutely NOT joking. I couldn’t believe it myself!!! It almost slipped by me what I had done. Let’s do the tally: that’s $4,635.50. (I forgot to mention that while I was at lunch with Steve he handed me a check for $225 for some work I had done a while ago. It could have come at any time, but it came today! TODAY! This is only 4 days into my experiment!!!

Skeptical? I know, I am still trying to take it all in myself. My logical brain is trying to justify everything for me, for example: 1. I can account for every single penny of the money I have manifested so far. 2. I knew that the gift cards were coming because I had cashed in on reward points from my credit cards. 3. The checks were money I was owed, so it would have come eventually anyway, and 4. the credit for my son’s school is mine and it isn’t. I wasn’t aware that there was a credit coming, and it was a really awesome surprise, but since my father has been paying the tuition for my son to go to school, the money is actually his and unless I think of some really elaborate plan on how to “hide its arrival” I will need to sign it over to him.

BUT the rest of me really wants to embrace the fact that I did it!! I did! Regardless of how it all came about, I did it and that is an awesome feeling! And taking the lesssons I have learned from it, I will just have to work on refining my requests to the universe and not allow room for as many loop holes and technicalities.

This was truly an awesome experiment, and I highly recommend that everyone try it. There is abundance and wealth out there for all of us!! I will keep you posted as I continue on my journey. For now I am going to take a look at my request and see how I can tweek it to get cash, new cash, cash I knew nothing about with no strings attached!! 🙂 I am really looking forward to that!

ps. Everyone will be getting sleds for Christmas this year!!

Thank you Universe! Thank you for listening and hearing me!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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